The Construction Process

From building a solid foundation to finalizing the finishing touches, Widmer Custom Home & Design is committed to delivering unparalleled quality and completing your custom Hill Country home on time and within budget.

Thanks to our long-time working relationships with our subcontractors, each and every person who contributes his or her skill and expertise to complete your custom home is hyper-focused on delivering an end product they can be proud of and you will be proud to call home. Before we drive the first nail or pour the first concrete slab, we ensure that our entire team knows the project’s schedule, their specific deadlines, and exactly what role they’ll play in building your new custom home.

We Never Skimp on Quality

Our clients choose Widmer Construction & Development as their custom Central Texas home builder because they don’t want to settle for second best. They expect top-tier customer service and workmanship, and that is precisely what we deliver. Our clients expect the best. From the foundation of their custom home to its detailed finishes, they get it.

We use only high-quality construction practices and never cut corners. For example, we use all-around sheeting insulation rather than cheaper, less-effective foam and fiberglass that many high-volume custom home builders use.

Beautiful, Long-lasting Interiors

In our custom homes, you will find no laminate or particle board finishes. We work with cabinet makers who have been practicing their woodworking craft for decades and have exacting standards for their workmanship. We will introduce you to these artisans and you will work directly with them to choose the materials and finishes for your home’s custom cabinetry. Similarly, you’ll be able to hand-pick the granite or marble slabs that will be finished and fabricated to become your home’s countertops. The devil truly is in the details, and we don’t overlook any of them.

Outstanding Custom Outdoor Living Spaces

A turnkey home builder, Widmer Construction & Design oversees all aspects of your custom home build, including landscape design, decks, patios, gazebos, pergolas, swimming pools, and especially outdoor living spaces. Thanks to our mild Central Texas climate, we’re able to enjoy the great outdoors year-round. Many of our clients request touches including outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and barbeque grills that are perfect for relaxing and entertaining. Whatever features will make the house we’re building for you feel like home, we’ll make it happen. Do you envision your own tennis court or regulation basketball court? We can do that. We will turn whatever vision you have into a beautiful reality.